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Besides training and retraining fields, does school of agriculture management cadres and the second of rural development implement consulting activitties?

Besides training activities, retraining knowledge every years,  this school has carried out researching themes and consulting program of Ministry and combine with department of agricultural and rural development , department of technological science, head of companies, and others organization in home and foreign country. In order to implement applying scientific reseaching themes according to this organization’s orders. The result of researching and consulting transferred for determinate agencies to research and adjust the policies related to branch and compile documents to teach for training classes, improving knowledge which is organized by this school .

In the last few years, our school has carried out consulting contracts for co-operatives, state management agencies and enterprises in the sectors of agricultural and rural development. Our school has implemented management consulting for some of co-operative in HCM city’s urban .Consulting to build new rural building project for two communes in Vinh Long province, consulting Human resource development for Chu Prong rubber company, consulting to build strategies for EaH’Leo rubber company which depends on Viet Nam rubber industry group, consulting and building projects of salary labour management system for sugar joint stock company, consulting to build campaign for head of company of Viet Nam sea product (Seaprodex)….


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