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Socio-politic organizations

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1. Total unionists: 73.

2. Organizational structure:

- Union of the College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development II 2008-2009 is one of 42 unions directly under Union of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

- Executive board of college union in term IX (2007-2009) consists of 5 members:

  • Chairman: Pham Thanh Dung;
  • Deputy Chairman: Vu Thi Bich Quynh;
  • Commissioners of Executive Board: Phan Minh Phung, Vu Thi Kim Hue, Nguyen Thi Van.

- Union groups:

  • Union of Organization-Administrative Department;
  • Union of Science and International Cooperation Training Department;
  • Union of Finance-Accounting Department;
  • Union of Management Technology Transfer and Consulting Center;
  • Union of Hostel-Canteen; Union of State Management Department;
  • Union of Administration Department;
  • Union of Agricultural Encouragement and Rural Development. 

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